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As the season progresses, she becomes more sympathetic to other glee club members, saying she is staying in the club not because Sue is forcing her, but because she likes it. She has several romantic relationships, briefly dating Puck Mark Salling , taking Finn Hudson 's Cory Monteith virginity , and carrying on a friends with benefits relationship with Brittany. In season two, the show delves into the motivations behind Santana's antagonism and her sexual aggressiveness towards boys; it is later revealed that her cruel attitude is because she is struggling with her romantic feelings towards Brittany, and subsequently with her lesbian identity.

This storyline has been positively received by critics. Santana and her friends, cheerleaders Quinn Fabray Dianna Agron and Brittany Pierce Heather Morris , join the school glee club , New Directions, because Quinn wants to keep an eye on her boyfriend Finn Hudson Cory Monteith ; cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch then enlists the three of them to help her destroy the glee club from the inside. Brittany also reveals in an offhand comment that she and Santana have slept together. When the two are accused of giving Sue the New Directions set list for their first show choir competition, Santana defends herself and admits that she has come to enjoy participating in the club.

At Sue's behest, Santana and Brittany go on a date with Finn, who is now the glee club co-captain. In season two, Santana is demoted from her position as head cheerleader when Quinn reveals that she had breast implants over the summer, leading to a physical fight between the two. Alarmed, Santana claims that she was only sleeping with Brittany because Puck was temporarily unavailable. Brittany says she reciprocates her love, but as she also loves Artie, she will not break up with him. She blackmails closeted jock and Kurt's bully Dave Karofsky Max Adler into becoming her beard and running mate, and to also start an anti-bullying campaign with her to get Kurt to transfer back, as he only left McKinley to go to Dalton Academy for a safe school environment because Karofsky had threatened to kill him.

He wins prom king, but Santana is not named queen; instead, it is Kurt. When her supposed apology to Finn becomes another stream of insults, he accuses her of being a coward for tearing other people down because she can't admit that she's in love with Brittany, thus outing her in a crowded public hallway. They are overheard, and Santana's now-revealed lesbianism is used in an "attack" ad against Sue by one of her opponents in the congressional election campaign. Though Santana is warned before the ad runs, she is nevertheless devastated by being publicly outed: The Troubletones are defeated by New Directions at Sectionals, and Quinn convinces Santana, Brittany and Mercedes to return to the New Directions, having arranged for them to be guaranteed one Troubletones number in all future competitions.

In the season finale, after the New Directions win Nationals in Chicago, Santana's mother Gloria Estefan writes her a check so she can pursue her dreams in New York if she really wants to. Santana is attending the University of Louisville in Kentucky on a cheerleading scholarship. She and Brittany make attempts at a long-distance relationship, although they break up when they agree it won't work in " The Break Up ". Santana comes by McKinley to help out with the school musical in " Glease " and again for Thanksgiving and to help New Directions prepare for the upcoming Sectionals competition in " Thanksgiving ".

As a mentor, she works with Marley Rose Melissa Benoist. Santana suspects something is wrong with her, and later finds laxatives in Marley's backpack. She confronts Quinn that she suspects cheerleader, glee clubber and Quinn's apprentice, Kitty Wilde Becca Tobin , is trying to deliberately hurt Marley. She is present for the Sectionals performance, and her suspicions appear to be confirmed when Marley collapses on stage due to starvation and anxiety. After a jealous unsuccessful attempt to break up her exes Sam and Brittany in " Diva ", Santana realizes she belongs in New York with Rachel and Kurt and moves in with them.

In " I Do " she and Quinn sleep together at Will and Emma's wedding, which they agree was a fun one-time experimentation for Quinn. Later, Kurt and Rachel are shown attempting to adjust to Santana, who is making herself at home in the loft a little too quickly for their comfort.

In " Girls and Boys On Film ", Santana later confronts Rachel about a used pregnancy test she found in the garbage, causing Rachel to break down in Santana's arms.

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In " Feud ", Santana takes Rachel to the doctor, where they discover her pregnancy was a false alarm. However, Santana also learns that Rachel's boyfriend, Brody Weston, is a gigolo. She confronts Brody over this and eventually informs Finn, who tries to scare Brody into leaving town. Later she tells Rachel the truth herself, for which Rachel is ultimately grateful, in " Guilty Pleasures ".

In season five, Santana is employed at a diner in New York. Rachel and Kurt subsequently join her as employees. Santana meets Dani Demi Lovato , a fellow waitress at the diner who is also a lesbian. They begin a relationship in " Tina in the Sky with Diamonds ". Santana also stars in a commercial for Yeast-I-Stat which she is proud of and shares with Rachel. Santana returns to Lima for Finn's funeral and memorial in " The Quarterback ". She later confeses to Kurt that she had planned on being nice and telling everyone about the nice things Finn had done for her.

Kurt then gives Santana Finn's letterman jacket. Santana joins Kurt's new band in the episode " A Katy or a Gaga " and suggests that they name the band the Apocalypsticks, which is shot down by Kurt. Brittany states her unhappiness at being a math genius and kisses her ex-girlfriend Santana.

Santana asks Brittany to go with her to New York after their trip, Brittany accepts. Santana can be clearly seen running across the stage to be with Brittany. Their last word they sing, while looking at each other: They are both in the choir room at the end of the episode, listening attentively to Will 's farewell speech. In Swan Song, Santana doesn't appear, but when Sam and Brittany's relationship grows close and Sam is about to kiss Brittany, she says she can't because the worldwide lesbian bloggers may go after Sam if they find out about Brittany and Santana's break-up.

This may refer to the Brittana fans who dislike their relationship. When Brittany is standing by her open locker you can see the drawing that Santana used to have in hers saying "Lord Tubbington thinks you're puuurrfect, so do i. Although not having any interaction, when Santana and Quinn gives Rachel an intervention about her topless scene in a student film, Rachel reminds Santana of the sex tape that Brittany leaked online Saturday Night Glee-ver. Santana says that this follows her everywhere. Santana comes back to Lima to perform Nutbush City Limits in Diva week and because she heard from Tina through a call that Brittany and Sam are dating.

When she walks into the choir room, Brittany looks very surprised but her look changes during the performance. After the song Brittany congratulates Santana for what was "the best moment in show business history" and Santana confronts Brittany with the fact that she didn't tell her that she's dating Sam and then introduces her new girlfriend Elaine and gives her a peck on the lips, Brittany does not look very happy about this, and probably displays a look of jealousy.

At the end of their duel Sam tells Santana to let go of Brittany which she replies with a determinate "Never. The next time we see Santana, she is at Sue's office because the coach was told about Santana dropping out of college a month ago due to other students finding her a bitch when all she was doing was being brutally honest with people. Sue offers Santana a job taking over The Cheerios which Santana wants to take so that she can be closer to Brittany. At Will and Emma's wedding, Santana mutters that the wedding hasn't even started and she's so over it, glancing over at Brittany and Sam, the couple waving hello at Santana.

At the reception party, whenever Santana talks about lovers and dancing, she would give a sad, sentimental glance at Brittany and Sam together. After an interview with MIT, who granted her early and immediate admission, Brittany starts acting diva-ish and has a set of demands based on her new confidence. Brittany dumps Sam via text message, claiming that she prefers and misses her "sweet lady kisses.

He explains that Brittany has been acting really weird over the past few days. During this part you can see the words "Brittana is real" at the bottom of the screen. Brittany thanks her again for taking the Lima Express all the way from New York City to be there, and Santana replies that she actually came to Ohio because she wanted to talk to Brittany, not to do a show. They start a true or false game and Brittany asks about Santana's roommates, Kurt and Rachel , and their activities in NY, but Santana replies that it's false and she wishes they were at least that exciting. After this Santana replies that's enough and turns the camera off.

Brittany asks her what is she doing. Santana tells her to stop and asks what is going with her, saying that Brittany is acting like a completely different person and that's making her sad. Brittany tells her to get over it because "sad is stupid" and Santana replies that she still cares about her and that she is not being herself.

Brittany says that what she is about to tell is going to change everything. Before the New Directions' Regionals performance, Brittany says to the Glee Club that she has something to say, and Santana gives her a sad look. Brittany tells her about her admission to MIT and starts talking about all the people that are in the room. At the end, obviously saving the best for last, in tears, she goes to Santana and hugs her tightly; she starts sobbing harder and Santana looks like she is holding back tears and trying to not make things even harder than it already is, Santana tells her she doesn't need to say anything.

After all, actions speaks louder than words. When the New Directions are announced the winners of the competition, Santana, Kurt and Emma are all jumping up and down while applauding. Brittany can be seen walking behind everyone, slowly brushing her hair as the sparks slowly turn off. She sits down and faces the audience seats and the empty auditorium. She hears footsteps approaching, noticing it's Santana. Santana reaches out her hand and lifts Brittany, they smile and together, they hold each other as they walk out.

They are seen in the background walking into the choir room. They are also seen standing beside each other during Will and Emma 's wedding. Tina in the Sky with Diamonds. When Dani asks her about the chances of them getting back together, Santana says that she loves Brittany, but that they're over. She rushes over to Rachel shortly after and tells her how nervous she is about Dani because she's never been with a lesbian before, only with Brittany, who's bisexual, and girls who wanted to experiment.

Schue that while she used to love coming back to Lima before, it now only reminds her of all the things she has lost over the years, presumably not only Finn, but also Brittany and her abuela, and that she doesn't know if she will ever want to come back again. Claus at the Mall, a girl comes up to her and sits on her lap. Santana comments that the girl looks exactly like a young Brittany S. Pierce and asks Kurt and Rachel if they agree. Santana explains to little girl that Brittany is his ex-girlfriend who broke up with her, and starts talking excitedly about her relationship with Brittany until she is interrupted by Kurt and Rachel.

Both Brittany and Santana come back to Lima for Mr. Schue's special Glee club assignment. Throughout the week, Santana worries about Brittany, whose life has started to revolve around numbers and calculations. When she tells Santana that she wants her old life back, Santana tries to help her and, along with Quinn, they perform Toxic for Glee club.

Afterwards, Santana tells her that she was amazing as ever but Brittany disagrees and tells her that she has to continue working on quantitive algorithms and leaves. The next day, Brittany is playing a game of chess with the chess club members as human chess pieces against Kiki, her phone's advisory system. Brittany tells her that this is her sole creative outlet now and Santana says that's not what Brittany really loves to do, that she loves to dance.

Then Santana tries to help her and suggests a dance performance for Glee club, but Brittany refuses. Later, Santana hijacks the lesson to create an intervention. She tells Brittany that they're going to do a song together and start's performing Valerie. Brittany is relucant at first. She does perform with Santana later, however.

She seems happy and really enjoying it. Santana says that she shouldn't be tied to doing math all day, but that she should be out in the world and enjoy her life. Brittany moves in and kisses Santana, who tells Brittany that it's a bad idea and that she's worked really hard to get over her. Brittany says that is very good to be around Santana and explains that with Santana's help, she's starting to feel like herself again and that she realized she is meant to be with Santana, and says: I'm sure your girlfriend's great but you can't recreate what you and I have.

Giving her a peck on the cheek, Brittany tells her that she's all hers if she wants her and leaves. They are first seen sitting together in the auditorium watching the duet between Kurt and Mercedes. Later, Brittany is waiting for Santana in the choir with a lot of lilies and gives her two one-way tickets to Lesbos Island. Santana tells Brittany that running away with her isn't what Brittany actually wants do, it's just an excuse for her not return to MIT. Brittany then says "I don't want to run away with you because I want to run away.

I want to run away with you because you and I are the only two truly awesome people I've ever met. Brittany then makes her realize that being on Broadway is not really what she wants to do. They cuddle and Santana tells Brittany that she is really a genius, Brittany says she is just the world's foremost expert in field of Santana Lopez.

Then Brittany asks Santana what she wants to do, and Santana is seen thinking thoughtfully. Later, Santana makes up with Rachel and tells her she is giving up her role of the understudy in Funny Girl , implying that her conversation with Brittany worked. During Just Give Me a Reason they are seen talking and holding hands. They are together again in the video for Mr. Schue and dance together in the performance of Don't Stop Believin'. The next day, during graduation, they are sitting together, when Sue announces Brittany's name.

She looks surprised and happy. Santana tells her she called in some favors with Sue, and realized that everybody deserves a high school graduation, even if it's a year late. She then kisses Brittany's cheek. Brittany goes to the stage and received her diploma, while Santana applauds and smiles proudly. Later, Santana finds Brittany in the bathroom and informs her that she bought return tickets for them.

Brittany says she doesn't want to go back to MIT and can't return to Lima. Santana then says that after they go to Lesbos Island and spend and a couple of weeks in Hawaii, she wants Brittany to go to NY with her. Brittany smiles and says yes, and they kiss and hug. The Untitled Rachel Berry Project. Brittany returns from Lesbos and arrives at the Bushwick Apartment, asking for Santana. To promote her debut album, Mercedes is going on a nationwide mall tour around the United States, with Brittany and Santana as her featured performers.

She informs Brittany that they'll be meeting Santana in Reno. They were first seen sitting next to each other during a meeting in the choir room Santana said that she and Brittany will sing first. Later they are seen cuddling on Brittany's bed and they talk about scissoring and which duet they will do, they also talk about living and studying in New York together and Brittany say to Santana that she loves her till infinity and Santana agrees. Everyone in glee club is supportive and happy for them, except Kurt, who says that they were too young to get married.

After, Santana confronts him in the hallway. In the Auditorium Brittany was putting candy in a giant heart box to give Santana for the engagement. They were also sitting next to each other in the choir room listening to Quinn and Tina singing So Far Away , after Becky ran out they followed her and tried to comfort her by telling her the secrets they kept and being honest with her. What the World Needs Now.

They sit dow and tell her thay they want to tell her the truth. Brittany discovers, that Pierce, her father, is not her biological father. Whitney continues that her real father is Dr. Brittany says she also has something to say, to which her parents look worried. The following day, Brittany invites Artie to her room, forgetting that they dated.

She lists of themes that remind her of Santana: At the end of the performance, Artie throws Brittany a bouquet full of flowers. Artie believes thats perfect for the wedding. They both share a sad silence. She says having her at the wedding, would mean not having Brittany. Brittany says the same, and they both kiss. In the next scene Brittany visit Abuela, dressed in nurse uniform. They talk and watch soap opera together. Alma then observes Brittany engagement ring and asks about her husband to which Brittany says she is only engaged, Alma exclaiming with happines she asks if theres passion and fire, Brittany says yes, and says that she popped a hip once.

Brittany then invites Alma to fondue for two. Alma saying she will skin her alive, she state how its a day of celebration and they should be surrounded by family and share the joy. Santana watches the show on her laptop, in disbelief. Brittany is surrounded by a bunch of latino students, as Santana walks past. They say that they love each other, kiss and hug. Brittany tells her that its a surprise, as she sits her down. The curtain opens up, with Santana standing in the middle of the stage, in a red dress, singing Alfie.

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Alma begins to become emotional, as Santana sings to her. Brittany walks up to the stage and sings back-up as well. At the end of the performance, they all walk off-stage, except Santana and Brittany, Brittany kissed Santana's cheek. Alma walking towards them. Santana and her abuela make conversation before she asks how they know each other. Alma angrily states that she came to her house, pretented to be a nurse to she see her granddaughter.

Brittany says she did, because she loves Santana and would do anything for her. Santana talks to her abuela about how she taught her about being a strong independent Latina woman, and says that Brittany is the the love of her life and she just exist without her and says she would love to Alma go to their wedding because without her she just exist too. She begins to walk away, but Brittany stops her by saying that the NY times state the reason why gay marriage is going up, is because of the older generation passing away. Alma, taken aback by this attitude, asks Santana directly that she would let Brittany talk like that to her.

Santana locks hands with Brittany, replying that what they have is love, and does love her. Alma marches out of the auditorium, as Santana lays her head on Brittany, both of them saddened by the turn out. Santana and Brittany walk arm-in-arm, through the hallway. She states she feels pity for her, rather than anger. She continues about how she wanted to believe people can change, and already has a lot of love in her life, referring to her.

They walk to auditorium, already knowing that everyone is gathered there. They are surprised when Spencer escorts them to their seat, both Brittany and Santana saying hi to the four other new members of the club. Artie rolls on stage, telling them, as their wedding planner, they have a problem. He states how the problem is adding more chairs for more members of her family, both the girls looking confused. Mercedes beckons to Santana and Brittany to come on stage. In flash-forward, Will opens his apartment door, with Daniel , to Brittany and Santana. And they had a dinner with the whole glee club.

They finish the song, where the all gather around Brittany and Santana, in a group hug. They are first seen walking in a barn with Whitney, Artie and Maribel when Artie asks what are they doing here then Whitney said that she thought that it would be fun if they get married in the barn that Brittany was born in, then her mom starts to explain how she conceived her.

Later they are seen trying out clothes but not showing each other, After Brittany picked her dress, Santana saw it and Brittany started to freak out about the fact that they can't see each other before the wedding because it's bad luck. After that Santana, Rachel and Mercedes were in the choir room figuring out the seating tables when Brittany came in with a chicken and told them that she will kill it in order to release all the bad luck that Santana saw her dress.

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She then helped the girls decide on the seating arrangements when Santana saw that Sue is invited and she doesn't want her there, but Brittany reminded her that they met through Cheerios thanks to Sue but Santana still doesn't want her there. Later they are seen in the barn when Santana again saw Brittany in her dress and she told her to leave but Santana told her that the reason why the groom couldn't see the bride before the wedding its because people thought that if the couple had to see each other they would change their minds and bail on actually getting married, and its not them cause they love each other and nothing is gonna change that and she is sorry cause she can't go another hour without seeing her cause she will miss her too much and rules don't apply to them.

They make their own luck and then they kiss deeply, after that Sue arrives and Santana tried to kick her out but when she sees her Abuela and she accepts Santana then she thanks Sue for bringing her here. Later they are seen trying to get Kurt and Blaine to get married, the both couple walk down the isles and Burt marries them. They are seen dancing and singing to Hey Ya!

They are last seen with Kurt and Blaine waiting for Sue to show up and asks her what she wants, she then gave them two envelops one for each couple. They get a honeymoon in the Bahamas they thank and hug her they later leave together. Blaine mentions Brittany and Santana when he is listing off the people that he and Kurt often hang out with in New York. At the end of the episode, during a five year flash-forward to , Brittany and Santana appear briefly. They dance and perform backing vocals for I Lived with the rest of the cast of the series.

Sex is not dating. I want to be with you. But I'm afraid of the talks and the looks. I mean, you know what happened to Kurt at this school. I'm so afraid of what everyone will say behind my back. Still, I have to accept that I love you a-and I don't want to be with Sam or Finn or any of those other guys. I just want you. Please say you love me back. I do love you. Clearly you don't love you as much as I do or you would put this shirt on and dance with me.

Can't I just have one night where I'm queen? I mean they must have. Do I smell like a golf course? They don't know what you're hiding. They just know you're not being yourself. If you were to embrace all the awesomeness that you are, you would have won. I love you Santana.

Brittany-Santana Relationship

All I know about you and I is that because of that, I think anything is possible. I failed my precious unicorn. Look, this campaign is brilliant. You're a genius, Brittany. You are the unicorn. Britt, I want to talk about, you know, that thing we never talk about. That Sour Patch Kids are gummy bears that turn into drugs?

Are we dating or what? Wait, isn't this a date? Aren't you were paying. Wasn't it last week we were taking a bath together-wasn't that a date? It's just that I'm really happy. Well, I told you last year that if I was single and you were single, we would mingle. When I'm with Brittany, I finally understand what people are talking about when they talk about love.

She was not only my girlfriend but also my best friend. You don't get it. You left me behind, and it hurt. That's exactly what it felt like. Sophomore year, I used to sit in this back row and secretly watch you. I counted the number of times you'd smile at me, and I'd die on days that you didn't. I miss this place so much. It's where we fell in love, where I could say things with music, when words just weren't enough.

I haven't been a good girlfriend to you. I can't come home on the weekends and pretend that things are the way they were, because they aren't. And I don't want to be like all those other long-distance relationships that hang in there for a few months and then break up when someone eventually cheats or things get weird. Well this is a sad song, so I think you should think of something sad, as we are no longer together, okay, but still hurts a bit, especially on Fridays, it was our date night.

It feels really good to be around you. You make me feel like a girl again. Like my body wakes up.

Finn-Santana Relationship

I really wanna be with you, Santana. I've seen the world and I'm sure now, more than ever, that I belong with you. And I'm sure your girlfriend's great, but you can't recreate what you and I have. If you want me, I'm here. You know, it's funny. I spend months tangled up in knots and in five minutes you straighten me out. You really are a genius. I'm just the world's foremost expert in the field of Santana Lopez. Sign In Don't have an account?

Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Showmance During celibacy club, after Santana twirls in her skirt while Quinn says "God bless the pervert that invented these skirts" if you look at Brittany you can see her bite her lip kind of sexily. Vitamin D Will splits up the glee club into the girls and the boys. Wheels After Brittany says she finds recipes confusing, Santana looks at her, then at her legs. Ballad When picking partners, Mr. Hairography When they are sitting in the auditorium about to watch The Jane Adam's Academy perform, Santana and Brittany are sitting beside each other, and Santana is looking at Brittany's legs then turns away curling her lips.

Mattress They are standing beside each other for the Glee Club Thunderclap photo, and after the picture is taken they are holding each other's hands and laughing. Sectionals Brittany reveals she and Santana have had sex in Sectionals. Hell-O They are seen walking and linking pinkies several times throughout the episode. Home They link pinkies and walk out together after Glee practice. Laryngitis Puck walks in at the beginning of the episode with his mohawk shaved off. Audition They are sitting together when Mr.

They sing together with the others to One of Us Duets Santana tells Brittany that she's got to win the dinner at Breadstix , Brittany says she knows. Never Been Kissed When Mr. The Substitute They sing and dance back-up to Forget You. Furt Santana gets mad because all the glee girls are having a meeting without her. Special Education They are sitting together in the choir room talking when Mr. Silly Love Songs Brittany and Santana The Glee club gangs up on Santana and tells her how they feel about her ending with Rachel telling her the only job she'll get is working on a pole and Santana leaves, Brittany comforts her in the hallway while Santana tells her that she just tries to be really honest with people when she thinks that they suck, whilst hysterically crying.

Brittany shows that she understands and she looks sympathetic towards her whilst she continues stroking her back and her hair in an effort to comfort her. In the choir room Santana is sad because she's single on Valentine's Day. After in breadstix , Santana is sitting at a table alone with some of the others including Brittany who is sitting with Artie.

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She looks really sad but by the end of the Warblers performance of Silly Love Songs she is smiling. She also turns and looks at Sam , who is also by himself. Blame It on the Alcohol They are walking very close down the hall together talking on the phone to Artie , Mercedes and Puck about Rachel's party. They are both in the auditorium with the others during the performance of Afternoon Delight. After, Santana walks up to Brittany at her locker and says, "Hi.

Because its made me do a lot of thinking. And what I realized is why I'm such a bitch all the time. I'm a bitch because I'm angry. Angry because I have all these feelings And Brittany, I can't go to an Indigo Girls concert. Santana asks if Brittany understands what she's saying. Brittany says, "No, not really.

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Still I have to accept that I love you. I love you and I don't want to be with Sam or Finn or any of those guys. And I would totally be with you if it weren't for Artie. I can't break up with him. He's just a stupid boy! Santana, you have to know if Artie I were to ever break up and I'm lucky enough that you are still single.. Who ever thought being fluid meant you could be so stuck? Santana pushes her off and says "Get off me" and walks away, leaving Brittany standing there. Original Song They are together in the choir room with the others when Mr. A Night of Neglect They are together with the others in the choir room when Mr.

Born This Way They are together with the others in the choir room. Prom Queen Brittany walks in the choir room behind Santana who is talking to Lauren. Brittany finds Santana after she ran out of prom. After Santana loses prom queen to Kurt she goes off crying into an empty classroom.

Santana says "how could my running mate win and I didn't? I mean just because I hate everyone, doesn't mean they have to hate me too. They must have sensed I was a lesbian. I mean they must of. Now what am I supposed to do? This is going to be a lot harder for him than it is for you. During Brittany's pep talk to Santana, she makes it clear to Santana that she believes in her and that she's waiting for her. Funeral They are with the others in the choir room when Mr. In the hotel room Brittany and Santana are standing outside the bathroom trying to get Quinn to come out so that Santana can re-pencil her eyebrows on.

When Quinn comes out she tells Santana and Brittany that she is going to tell Mr. Schue that Rachel and Kurt keep sneaking off. Santana and Brittany manage to convince her not to do that. Santana tells Quinn that she understands that she is upset that Finn dumped her but that she needs to get over it so that they can concentrate on winning Nationals. Quinn angrily says that she doesn't care about a stupid show choir competition.

Santana tells her that she should because glee club is something that they can all be proud of. Quinn says "aren't we the popular girls, so why can't we have our dreams come true? Quinn continues to say that besides them, every glee girl is in a relationship.

At this Brittany and Santana get upset, and Brittany stares the floor, because they want to be together. Quinn then bursts into tears and Santana and Brittany immediately feel guilty for giving Quinn a hard time because they didn't realize how much the breakup had affected Quinn. They then comfort Quinn and Santana tells her she thinks she knows how to make Quinn feel better, to which Quinn responses "I'm flattered, Santana, but I'm really not that into that" thinking Santana meant a threesome.

Santana looks mildly worried and confused before she corrects it and suggests a hair cut, to which Brittany agrees. Brittany walks up to Santana who is standing at their lockers holding a voodoo doll. Santana says do you think this voodoo doll looks enough like Rachel Berry to actually work? Brittany, smiling, says, "Come on. You can't be mad at Rachel forever. How could you possibly be so calm?

Quinn-Santana Relationship

I hated losing just as much as everyone but this year wasn't about winning for me. What was it about? I know that all the kids in glee club they fight and they steal each others boyfriends and girlfriends and they threaten to quit like every other week but weird stuff like that happens in families. This is not a family. I know I'm going to be a bridesmaid at Mike and Tina's wedding and I'm going to be anxiously awaiting to see if there babies are Asian too. When they find an operation to make Artie's legs work again I'm going to be there for his first steps.

I love everyone in glee club and I get to spend another year with everyone I love so I'm good. In Season Three, Brittany and Santana's relationship was explored more. The Purple Piano Project Brittany walks up in the middle of Santana's interview with Jacob and interrupts, they walk off smiling with their arms locked. I Am Unicorn Brittany and Santana are both seen hanging up Kurt's campaign posters and Kurt tells them he doesn't like them. Asian F Santana returns to the glee club. The First Time During Rachel's emergency sex meeting they are together.

In the next scene, just as they get up from their desks, Brittany can be seen reaching behind her and grabbing what seems to be a crumpled up note off of Santana's desk and as they are leaving class together, Santana grabs on to Brittany's shoulder. I Kissed a Girl Finn keeps Santana from getting suspended by saying she fake slapped him. When Finn is singing Girls Just Want to Have Fun to Santana, during the part where he sings "some boys take a beautiful girl and hide her away from the rest of the world" Santana turns and looks at Brittany, smiling.

Brittany is looking lovingly at Santana when she thanks Finn and hugs him. Santana kissing her vote for Brittany During the voting for the student council election they are being interviewed by Jacob and Santana has a "Vote for Brittany" badge pinned to her Cheerios uniform. Santana says "I'm team Britt all the way" while Brittany says "I'm voting for the hockey player"; Santana corrects her, telling Jacob "No she's not.

When they show the voting Mercedes refers to Brittany as Santana's girlfriend and when Santana votes she puts a heart next to Brittany's name instead of a checkmark and then kisses it before putting it in the box. Later, a rugby player is taunting Santana, the girls of New Directions and The Troubletones come to her defense.

The rugby player says "Easy girls, I'm just trying to make her normal," to which Brittany fiercely replies in Santana's defense "She is normal," and Santana looks back at Brittany. This leads to the performance of I Kissed a Girl , during which they dance and stare at each other through most of the song. Brittany stares sweetly at Santana when she sings it's not what I'm used to.

After the song ends Santana updates them by telling them that she told her parents and they seem to be accepting, but she still needs to tell her abuela. Brittany is right behind her showing support. Santana comes out to her grandma saying "When I'm with Brittany, I finally understand what people are talking about when they're talking about love," but her Grandma rejects her and tells her never to return. Brittany says that's right when Mr. Schuester Santana to bring them home.

Brittany stares at Santana the entire song. When Santana sings "always someone marches brave" she smiles as she directs it to Brittany, meaning that she is the brave one in their relationship, and Brittany smiles back at Santana. After Constant Craving , Brittany jumps up to Santana with a hug and whispered "That was so beautiful" in her ear.

Santana replied by saying "Thank you. During the New Directions performance, they are sitting together and dancing during Man in the Mirror. Later on they are in the bathroom and Santana is helping Brittany with her make-up. When Quinn starts talking to them about graduation Santana and Brittany glance at each other. Santana taps Brittany's legs to get her to hold her hand when Quinn says she wants them to all be able to look back and remember this as the best time of their lives.

Brittany takes her hand and they hold hands intertwining fingers. Santana looks over at Brittany sweetly when she sings We Are Young , Brittany looks back at her lovingly. They are with the rest of the group huddled up chanting with excitement at the end. When Rory is singing Blue Christmas , Santana looks sad, like she is thinking about her grandmother. When the song is over, she says the song was so depressing, she thought she died. They are sitting together when Rachel sings River in the auditorium. They are also sitting together, singing, and dancing while Blaine and Rachel sing Extraordinary Merry Christmas.

At one point Santana reaches her hand out to Brittany and they go dance while the song continues. They are pictured with the rest of the Cheerios during the introduction of The Glee Holiday Spectacular. Brittany sings Christmas Wrapping while the others sing along and twirl ribbons. They go sit together on the couch during Rory's reading of the Christmas story.

They are seen sitting and Brittany has both her hands rested on Santana's right thigh. Santana has her left hand on Brittany's and her right hand on Brittany's inner thigh. Brittany runs her thumb down Santana's, and as the shot tilts up. Now, this is Brittany who Santana is referencing. This is the girl who worshiped and protected Santana, who took awhile to even think about another person after Santana broke up with her. This biphobic line furthers the trope of the promiscuous bisexual. Santana says this in front of people who knew her and Brittany in high school and were aware of how sacred Brittany saw their relationship.

Sure, Glee might be one of the only shows on television to use the word bisexual to describe a character, but all the biphobia it exhibits sort of nullifies that progress. The actors involved ventured into perilous territory when discussing the two girls. I asked Ryan [Murphy] about that and he said there was no way. In season six of Glee , Brittany and Santana reunite. They get their own happily ever after episode, complete with two wedding dresses and talks of forever.